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Frequently asked questions

Why does Edaole target only Chinese travelers?

We love China. It’s the best place in the world. But there are language and cultural barriers between our countries, which we think should be removed.
It’s very difficult for western businesses to effectively target this nation, so we started Edaole to change this. The idea was to create a simple product that seamlessly connects both worlds. That’s how we are creating the leading mobile shopping guide for Chinese travelers. And we’re just getting started. China is the leading travel and shopping nation worldwide and our goal is to reach over 100 million outbound travelers each year.

Why should I target Chinese travelers?

China is the leading travel and shopping nation worldwide. Ask any luxury retailer in the world where their most valuable customers are from, and most will say China. In 2015, Chinese tourists took 133 million trips overseas. The growth rates are staggering: in 2000, only 10 million Chinese travelled outside the country. Furthermore, the average spending of a Chinese consumer is the highest in the world. They travel overseas to spend: in France, they account for 40 percent of all luxury sales, and the numbers are similar for the UK, Italy and Germany.

Are Chinese only looking for famous luxury brands?

NO! In fact, many Chinese now prefer niche brands to logoed items. The new Chinese consumer is well traveled, knowledgeable, sophisticated and has a clear personal style. This is something that wasn’t common even five years ago. And it’s not only luxury: two in three will purchase kitchenware, stationery, suitcases, cosmetic products or baby milk powders during their next trip to Europe. What is important for them is to find quality products and brands with a strong heritage.

How does Edaole work?

Edaole is about building and maximizing exposure in a simple, effective way. When Chinese travel abroad, they use the Edaole App to discover a distinguished network of brands renown for their expertise and heritage. You provide us with the relevant information (store information, visuals, brand history and description), and we take care of translating the contents to Chinese in a way that enhances your brand appearance. Our users are treated as VIPs – and in each store they receive exclusive welcome offers. You decide what works best for you, whether it is a discount (10% cap) or a gift with purchase. To redeem the offer, he shows the Edaole app, and you record the revenue under Edaole.

How much does Edaole cost?

We charge a 10% commission on net revenues generated by Edaole customers. There are no fixed costs, no set-up or monthly fees, no contractual lock-ins. The model is 100% commission and performance-based. From day one, you get free advice and recommendations on how to deal with Chinese customers. You get an expert answering all your questions. And exposure. AND additional customers. N.B: The commission is discounted to 5% for jewelers and watchmakers.

How do I become a partner of Edaole?

In under 8 minutes – and 100% online. First, you decide on the welcome offer to the user. Then you fill in this partnership agreement. You answer these simple questions about your business, send us your visuals and… whoop! We take care of the rest. We translate your information and promote your business across our digital platform and marketing channels. P.S: If you are thinking of joining, please give us a quick call first: we are nice people – and we value personal relationships!

What is Edaole's target group?

85% of our users are INDIVIDUAL Chinese travelers whom spend, on average 8,200€ on shopping during a 7-day trip to Europe. They are 25 to 40 years old. They are knowledgeable, sophisticated and demand more freedom and less forced shopping. As 70% of Chinese now prefer to travel independently, we do NOT work with classical tourist groups (this market is quickly declining anyway). In China, we collaborate with financial institutions, credit card providers, luxury concierge groups as well as online travel agencies, connecting the dots between you and their collective 1.1 billion users.

How do you raise awareness about my brand?

Through strategic partnerships with Chinese internet and travel related giants. We cooperate with many companies: online travel agencies, financial institutions and other online services providers. Some of them: Alitrip, Ctrip, Tuniu and Qyer. Through these partnerships, we reach 95% of Chinese traveling to Europe independently. We guarantee to all our partners visibility and reach. Social media is also an important component of our marketing mix.

How do I know that the client comes from Edaole?

To redeem his welcome offer, the customer will show the Edaole App during the payment. Our lovely logo, the name of your store and your offer will indicate that the user comes from Edaole. When he shows you the app, smile to him, offer him the small discount or gift, and book the revenue under Edaole. You are responsible for tracking the sales. We use the principle of good faith, meaning that we expect every one of our partners to record their revenues accurately.

How are the revenues recorded and the commissions settled?

At the end of each month, we send you a link to the revenue submission form. Fill in the form and we invoice you for the agreed commission. You can track sales manually or we can integrate a barcode or QR-code into our app, whichever is most comfortable for you.

What are the alternatives to Edaole?

The language and cultural barriers between China and Europe are huge. You want to try on your own? In China, there is no Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Google. We are first-movers; disrupters of the old tour-guide business model. We have successfully collaborated with many top-notch brands, recording a high number of transactions each month. Nevertheless, you might be able to find some expensive marketing agencies that can somehow promote your business in China.

What does Edaole mean?

Happy arrival, in Chinese.